What we do

We bring together over 300 organisations across the UK committed to protecting children and lessening health inequalities by reducing the harm caused by tobacco.

We campaign for comprehensive tobacco regulation and sustainable funding for tobacco control to protect public health.

We collaborate internationally with colleagues in the Framework Convention Alliance, an organisation of more than 500 civil society groups across the world.

We communicate the big issues in tobacco control to policymakers and practitioners to help them reduce the burden of smoking.

We signpost to information, resources and training opportunities for frontline staff and strategic leaders in local authorities and the NHS.

The smokefree case put simply

The UK is a world leader in tobacco control policy yet tobacco continues to cause over 100,000 deaths per year. Smokers and non-smokers, adults and children, all suffer from the burden of tobacco smoke. Some groups suffer more than others and the higher rates of smoking among the poorest and most disadvantaged increases health inequalities. It isn’t a simple matter of choice, it is hard for smokers to quit because tobacco is so addictive. There is much more that can be done to reduce the harm caused by smoking to smokers and those around them. The public are keen for further tobacco reform. It is essential for government policy to continue to evolve and develop its tobacco policy if smoking prevalence is to continue to be driven down year on year.

Hundreds of children still take up smoking every single day. Many will go on to become lifelong smokers – half of whom will die because of tobacco. We are committed to doing all we can to bring an end to the smoking epidemic.

Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control

The Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control is a statement of a council’s commitment to ensure tobacco control is part of mainstream public health work and commits councils to taking comprehensive action to address the harm from smoking. Since it was launched in May 2013, over 80 councils across the country have signed the Declaration.

NHS Smokefree Pledge

The NHS Smokefree Pledge is designed to be a clear and visible way for NHS organisations to show their commitment to helping smokers to quit and to providing smokefree environments which support them. The Pledge was endorsed by the previous Public Health Minister Steve Brine MP, and the Chief Executives of NHS England and Public Health England. It has been signed by over 60 Trusts and CCGs. We encourage all NHS organisations to sign the Pledge to demonstrate their commitment to a smokefree NHS.

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The SFAC sends out regular email updates about the latest developments in tobacco control. To sign up to receive updates or join the SFAC, please email:

The SFAC website also hosts two other organisations: the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group and the Mental Health and Smoking Partnership. These are both coordinated by ASH and include some members of the Coalition.

Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group

The Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group was established in 2012. The aim of this group is to produce recommendations on how the smoking in pregnancy ambition contained in the Government’s tobacco strategy can be realised. The Challenge Group has developed a number of resources for health professionals working to reduce rates of smoking in pregnancy.

To join the Smokefree Pregnancy Information Network and receive regular updates about policy developments, resources and training materials, please sign up here.

Mental Health and Smoking Partnership

The Mental Health and Smoking Partnership was established in 2016 following the publication of the Stolen Years report. Its aim is to bring together organisations committed to improving the health and lives of people with a mental health condition through achieving report’s ambitions.

The Partnership circulates regular email updates with information about the latest policy developments, information and resources. To join the Network and receive updates sign up here.

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