The smokefree case put simply

The UK is a world leader in tobacco control policy yet tobacco continues to cause over 100,000 deaths per year. Smokers and non-smokers, adults and children, all suffer from the burden of tobacco smoke. Some groups suffer more than others and the higher rates of smoking among the poorest and most disadvantaged increases health inequalities. It isn’t a simple matter of choice, it is hard for smokers to quit because tobacco is so addictive. There is much more that can be done to reduce the harm caused by smoking to smokers and those around them. The public are keen for further tobacco reform. It is essential for government policy to continue to evolve and develop its tobacco policy if smoking prevalence is to continue to be driven down year on year.

Hundreds of children still take up smoking every single day. Many will go on to become lifelong smokers – half of whom will die because of tobacco. We are committed to doing all we can to bring an end to the smoking epidemic.