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Smokefree: Myths and realities
Health Act 2006
Article: How advocacy won the day

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Smokefree Legislation: How advocacy won the day

How was a government committed to a voluntary approach convinced by an effective advocacy coalition to introduce comprehensive smokefree legislation?

This article, written by Deborah Arnott, Martin Dockrell, Amanda Sandford and Ian Willmore and published in Tobacco Control looks at the methods by which public and media support were fostered, how the dangers of secondhand smoke were made apparent and how a reticent government was made to act.

How Advocacy Won the Day (144kb)


Smokefree England: How are we doing?

England has been smokefree since July 1 2007. There were plenty of scare stories circulating beforehand, many were recycled from previous jurisdictions and we will surely see them again as more jurisdictions prepare to go smokefree. So have we seen increase in pub closures? Has there been mass protest and civil disobedience? Have there really been "armies" of undercover enforcement officers secretly filming drinkers? ASH have reviewed the major allegations and matched them to the real experience of Smokefree England which you can view here or download as a pdf, below:

Myths and Realities of Smokefree England

You can read and download the full set of Department of Health Smokefree regulations using the following links:

a. The Smoke-free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations

b. The Smoke-free (Signs) Regulations

c. The Smoke-free (Exemptions and Vehicles) Regulations

d. The Smoke-free (Penalties and Discounted Amounts) Regulations

e. The Smoke-free (Vehicle Operators and Penalty Notices) Regulations

For further information on signage and where to get free No Smoking signs, go here

The Department has also published:

• The Regulatory Impact Assessment, which examines the impact of the introduction of smokefree legislation

• Explanatory Memoradum, which further explains the details of the Regualtions

• Consultation Responses Report, which is an analysis of responses to the draft regulations consultation.

For full details go to:

Read more on the Health Act

Smokefree law compliance

The vast majority of smokers have respected the law, and those around them, by not lighting up illegally in public places.

However, If you have encountered problems with people breaching the law you can take action by phoning the smokefree compliance line on:

0800 587 166 7

Your call will be answered by a call centre operator, who will then forward the information to the relevant local councils to follow-up as appropriate. You can read more about this process here.

You can also read more about the smokefree law at the Smokefree England website

It’s about health and it’s about time

For more information, read the Smokefree Action mission statement here

To join the smokefree coalition as a supporting organisation please read the aims and objectives as stated in the mission statement. if you agree with these and wish to sign up then please use this online form

If you would like to support the Smokefree Action coalition as an individual campaigner you can sign up here