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Using this site

The navigation menus

This website has three navigation menus: a top menu bar appearing horizontally underneath the logo at the top of the screen, a side menu bar placed on the lefthand side of the screen and a bottom menu bar situated at the bottom of the page underneath any text, images or tables, which you may have to scroll down the page to make visable. (Please note that the bottom menu bar does not appear on the home page.)

Top Menu bar

Top Menu bar

Using the top menu bar you can navigate to the 'about', 'search' and 'members' sections of this site


All the latest stories in Tobacco Control


Contains information about the Smokefree Action coalition


A search facility powered by Google


Members' area of the Smokefree Action site


Online form to join the Coalition in order to access the members' area and receive email communicatuions

Side Menu bar

side menu bar

The content of this site is divided into five sections containing information on each of the following topics, accessible via the side menu bar:

1) Get Involved
3) Plain Packaging
4) Point of Sale Display
5) Vending Machines

Clicking on the relevant button in the lefthand menu bar will take you to that section

It is also possible to access the old Smokefree action website, which contains information relating to the campaign for smokefree workplaces via the lefthand menu using the link under the old logo

old smokefree action website

Other menu options include ''Help', 'Accessibility and 'Site Map'. ' 'Help' is where you are now, learning how this website works. 'Accessibility' gives information on how to make this website more user friendly, e.g. how to make the font size bigger. 'Site Map' gives a list of all the pages on the site and shows which section they are in.

Bottom Menu bar

bottom menu bar

The side menu bar has two options: 'return to top' - takes you back to the top of the page and 'home' which takes you back to the home page of the Smokefree Action website (also accessible by clicking the logo in the top lefthand corner.)

Headers and links

Different font sizes and colours are used to represent different headers on a page:

Page name



Links are bold and underlined and appear in purple or blue if you hover over them or have already followed them

Many pages have a list of links at the top of the page, immediately after the page name. These help to navigate the page, to other parts of the website, to other external websites or to interactive options such as downloading a document or sending an email.

If you have any trouble using this website, or any comments/suggestions please email the webmaster at webmaster@smokefreeaction.org.uk



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