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Going Local: Tobacco control in the new public health landscape

Protest outside the British American Tobacco Annual General Meeting

Every year ASH supports a youth noisemaking event outside the British American Tobacco AGM in London.

Past events have seen young people demonstrating outside BAT's Annual General Meeting and trying to engage shareholders and delegates with difficult questions. They have used banners, chants, placards and activities to draw as much attention to the demonstration as possible.

In 2007, we hired a hearse and had wreaths made spelling "RIP", "mum", "dad" and "nan". In 2008, young people laid 1000 shoes on the pavement outside the conference, each shoe representing 100 deaths a year in Africa and the Middle East alone. We encourage young people to make their own banners and come up with ideas for activities.

In previous years we have also organised a parliamentary reception allowing young people to meet their MPs and discuss tobacco-related issues with them.

Please see the flickr and youtube links below to get an idea of past events.
2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 (video), 2008 (video)



This year, the event took place on the 27th April.

Over 50 young people from schools and youth groups across the country gathered outside Milton Court Concert Hall to demonstrate against allegations of BAT bribery in East Africa, as shareholders gathered for the AGM.

Following the demonstration the young people gathered at the Museum of London where the different groups presented to one another about their recent tobacco control activities. This included presentations from No Excuse a Slovenian youth group and Smart Youth a Swedish youth group, who presented on their approaches to dissuading young people from taking up smoking.

Pictures of the day are available on flickr, here.

images of previous protests


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