MHSP Reports

Reports and key messages

This page contains information about Mental Health & Smoking Partnership reports, a key messages document for members of the Partnership and our position statement on e-cigarettes.


A Change In The Air (2019)
In 2019, ASH, along with the Mental Health & Smoking Partnership and CRUK published the report A Change In The Air which examines the smokefree policies and practices of mental health trusts in England. It also measures and describes the progress being made by trusts in implementing the NICE guidance PH48.

Key findings from the report show that out of trusts surveyed: 

  • 79%  had implemented comprehensive smokefree policies prohibiting smoking in all interior and exterior spaces including hospital grounds;

  • 87% supported vaping by some or all of their patients but policies varied in where vaping was permitted;

  • Benefits of smokefree policies included more patients and staff quitting smoking, cleaner wards, better air quality, less staff time spent on smoking breaks, and improvements in patients’ physical health and wellbeing.

The Stolen Years (2016)
In 2016 ASH published The Stolen Years: Smoking and Mental Health Action report which highlights the disproportionately high rates of smoking among people with a mental health condition.

Whilst smoking rates have fallen significantly over the last 20 years, they have remained stubbornly high among those with poor mental health and around 1 in 3 cigarettes are currently smoked by someone with a mental health condition.

The report was endorsed by 27 mental health and public health organisations, many of whom have become key members of what became the Mental Health and Smoking Partnership, including The Royal College of Psychiatrists, and Rethink Mental Illness.

Mental Health & Smoking Partnership shared key messages

At the end of 2018 the Partnership completed work on a shared key messages document. The document is designed to ensure that the Partnership and its members deliver clear, consistent and accurate messages and the evidence to support them. You can download the Mental Health & Smoking Partnership shared key messages here.

Mental Health & Smoking Partnership statement on e-cigarettes

In November 2017 the Partnership published a joint statement on e-cigarettes. You can read the statement here and the press release is here.