Smoking in pregnancy training materials

The Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group released a report on the 3rd July 2018 calling for Government action to tackle smoking in pregnancy.

Alongside this call for action, the coalition released materials to aid in the training of those involved in smoking in pregnancy care pathways.

These consist of three infographics, a brief reference guide and an animated video which will help specialists in the complex task of guiding pregnant smokers to a successful quit attempt. These materials are all free to use and have been produced in collaboration between Action on Smoking and Health and Public Health England.

Infographic 1 – Having a smokefree home (download pdf)

Infographic 2 – Carbon monoxide screening (download pdf)

Infographic 3 – The harms of smoking in pregnancy (download pdf)

Smoking in pregnancy training guide (download pdf)

Animated videos

Full video – How to help pregnant women quit smoking (download from Google Drive)

Part 1 – Harms from exposure to tobacco smoke during pregnancy (download from Google Drive)

Part 2 – Carbon monoxide screening and ‘Very Brief Advice’ (download from Google Drive)

Part 3 – How stop smoking specialists help pregnant women to quit (download from Google Drive)

Smokefree Skill: an assessment of maternity workforce training

In July 2017 the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group  published a report called Smokefree Skills: an assessment of maternity workforce training.

This report provides an analysis of the training that midwives and obstetricians receive to address smoking in pregnant women, and what further training is needed. Smoking is a major cause of stillbirth and sudden infant death, and also leads to more babies being born with health problems and with a low birth weight.

You can read the full report here and the executive summary of the report here..

Other Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group publications

Carbon Monoxide Screening: advice for health professionals
Test your breath: information for pregnant women (Also available in Bulgarian | Somalian | Romanian | Lithuanian | Urdu | Turkish | Punjabi | Portuguese | Polish | Greek)
Use of electronic cigarettes in pregnancy: A guide for midwives and other healthcare professionals

Smoking in pregnancy Mapping Project Report (commissioned by Public Health England and conducted by the Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre)
Smoking in pregnancy – Case Studies
Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy: A review of the Challenge
Smoking Cessation in pregnancy: A call to action
Shared key messages

E-cigarettes in pregnancy infographic

The Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group has produced this infographic designed to support conversations with pregnant women who smoke and are inquiring about electronic cigarettes – E-cigarettes in pregnancy: Infographic for pregnant women. 

It may be offered to women who are interested and would like further information to support their consideration regarding use of electronic cigarettes during pregnancy. It is not intended for wider distribution or circulation amongst pregnant women and/or non-smokers. Further information for healthcare professionals is available in Use of electronic cigarettes in pregnancy: a guide for midwives and other healthcare professionals

Additional resources

Use of e-cigarettes (vaping) in the home: advice for parents
National Centre for Smoking Cessation & Training – Smoking Cessation: a briefing for midwifery staff
ASH Fact Sheet: Smoking and Reproduction
Tommy’s Smoking in Pregnancy Costs Calculator
The Lullaby Trust: Factsheet on Sudden Infant Death and Smoking
Towards a Smokefree Generation: A Tobacco Control Plan for England

Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group conference 2017

On 6 December, around 90 delegates attended the Smokefree Action Coalition conference in London. You can learn more about the event, and view the presentations, here.

Response to inquiry on e-cigarettes

In December 2017 the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group submitted its response to the House of Commons Committee on Science and Technology Inquiry into e-cigarettes. You can read the submission here and learn more about the inquiry here.

Press releases from the Challenge Group

3 July 2018, Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group press release for the ‘Review of the Challenge, 2018’ report

7 December 2017, Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group press release: Rising rate in women smoking during pregnancy with big variations in performance of areas.

18 July 2017, Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group press release: New report finds midwives and doctors need more training to address smoking in pregnancy.