Smokefree Pregnancy Champions

Smokefree Pregnancy Champions

The Challenge Group is seeking to bring together individuals from maternity settings who have responsibility for implementing NICE guidance on smoking, often as part of the Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle. By identifying yourself as the Smokefree Pregnancy Champion for your area you will receive tailored information and resources from the Challenge Group, be invited to participate in regional and national events and have the opportunity to share practice and ask questions of others working on similar activities around the country.

You can download the Challenge Group guidance for Smokefree Pregnancy Champions, which provides an overview of some the activities Champions can undertake locally, here. This guidance, along with a letter from the Chairs of the Challenge Group, has been circulated to all heads of midwifery in NHS Trusts.

This network is intended to provide support if you:

  • Are the key point of contact on smoking in pregnancy issues in your Trust or LMS;
  • Have a lead responsibility for implementing guidance around smoking in pregnancy;
  • Have a substantial part of your role delivering stop smoking support;
  • Oversee the delivery of stop smoking support for pregnant women in your Trust.

If you want to sign up as a Smokefree Pregnancy Champion and receive regular updates and feedback then please let us know. We are aiming to recruit a Champion in every NHS Trust. If you’re aware of individuals leading smokefree initiatives in your local trusts who would benefit from being a part of this network please let us know.