The Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group released a report on the 3rd July 2018 calling for Government action to tackle smoking in pregnancy.

Alongside this call for action, the coalition released materials to aid in the training of those involved in smoking in pregnancy care pathways.

These consist of three infographics, a brief reference guide and an animated video which will help specialists in the complex task of guiding pregnant smokers to a successful quit attempt. These materials are all free to use and have been produced in collaboration between Action on Smoking and Health and Public Health England.

Infographic 1 – Having a smokefree home (download pdf)

Infographic 2 – Carbon monoxide screening (download pdf)

Infographic 3 – The harms of smoking in pregnancy (download pdf)

Smoking in pregnancy training guide (download pdf)


Animated videos

Full video – How to help pregnant women quit smoking (download from Google Drive)

Part 1 – Harms from exposure to tobacco smoke during pregnancy (download from Google Drive)

Part 2 – Carbon monoxide screening and ‘Very Brief Advice’ (download from Google Drive)

Part 3 – How stop smoking specialists help pregnant women to quit (download from Google Drive)