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Below you can read a selection of historical news stories related to the Smokefree Action Coalition and its work and campaigns. More stories will be added as and when they are published. You can find more resources related to previous campaigns by using the navigation at the top of the page.

Tobacco companies’ legal challenged to standardised tobacco packaging fails – published 19 May 2016

Leading health organisations call on Chancellor to reconsider a levy on the tobacco industry to fund public health – published 26 November 2015

Government ‘Deregulation’ rules and public health cuts will worsen health and prevent NHS from meeting budget gap – published 15 September 2015

UK to become first country in Europe to adopt standardised tobacco packaging – published 11 March 2015

Regulations on standard packaging of cigarettes published: Health professionals want law passed before election – published 26 June 2014

Chantler Review paves way for standard tobacco packs – published 3 April 2014

SFAC welcomes Parliament’s support for a package of measures to reduce smoking and protect children – published 10 February 2014

Victory for children’s health as Lords approve Bill amendment to enable plain standardised tobacco packaging – published 29 January 2014

SFAC briefing: Standardised packaging of cigarettes and tobacco products – Children and Families Bill – published 20 October 2013

Government surrenders to tobacco industry on standard packs: let Parliament decide! – published 12 July 2013

Campaigners welcome care minister’s support – published 17 May 2013

Health groups to Cameron an Hunt: Let Parliament decide on standardised packaging – published 8 May 2013

Health groups press Prime Minister not to drop standard packs for cigarettes – published 2 May 2013

Over 78,500 children have started smoking since UK Government’s consultation on standardised tobacco packaging ended – published 13 February 2013

SFAC welcomes consultation on plain packaging – published 16 April 2012

No Smoking Day 2012 – published 1 March 2012

Local Tobacco Control Profiles for England – published 3 February 2012

New Tobacco Control Plan for England – published 9 February 2011

Tackling tobacco – a New Year’s resolution for the government – published 24 December 2010

Have your say on the future of public health in England – published 24 December 2010

Public Health White Paper – No going back on Smokefree England – published 30 November 2010

UK Government to replace tobacco industry “con” with plain packaging – published 22 November 2010

Local Tobacco Control Profiles for England – 28 October 2010

An open letter to Vince Cable – 21 October 2010

MPs reject bid to reintroduce smoking in pubs – published 13 October 2010

MPs reject bid to reintroduce smoking in pubs – published 4 October 2010

Shop survey reveals tight control of tobacco product display by UK tobacco companies – published 7 June 2010

Benefits of increasing tobacco taxes – published 6 March 2010

Government launches new tobacco control strategy – published 1 February 2010

Tribute to the late David Taylor MP – published 29 December 2009

MPs vote to put tobacco out of sight and out of reach – 12 October 2009

Lambert & Butler bosses lobby Health Bill Committee – 18 June 2009

Cigarette vending machines are out of order – published 14 May 2009

Lords vote 2 to 1 to put tobacco out of sight of children – published 7 May 2009

Observer ad urges support for legislation to ban tobacco displays and vending machine sales – published 26 April 2009

Canadians congratulate UK on point of sale display ban – published April 2009

Top UK academics tell peers: tobacco displays lead children to smoke – published 23 March 2009

Channel 4 FactCheck: tobacco ban evidence?

Big tobacco hides behind shopfront: MSP condemns tobacco lobby tactics – published 11 January 2009

MPs fall foul of ‘dirty’ tricks by tobacco giants – published 14 December 2008

EDM 189: Point of Sale display of tobacco products – 9 December 2008

EDM 189: Point of Sale display of tobacco products – published 9 December 2008

Secretary of State gives evidence on health inequalities – published 19 November 2008