Smokefree Councillor Network resources

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Find all the tools you need to support your role as a member of the Smokefree Councillor Network below

Making the case

This short briefing summarises the key reasons why local authorities should take comprehensive action on tobacco control and why it remains top of the agenda.

Councillors' briefings

This series of briefings for councillors provide short summaries of key topics relating to local authority tobacco control.

Ready Reckoner

Calculate the costs of smoking to your local area (including ward level data) with our Ready Reckoner.

Health inequalities resource pack

A series of briefings on population groups affected by smoking related health inequalities such as homeless individuals, the LGBT community, those with long-term conditions and mental health conditions, amongst others.

Annual tobacco control report

Written by ASH and commissioned by Cancer Research UK, reports on the state of funding for, and provision of, local authority tobacco control measures and smoking cessation services in England since the transfer of public health from the NHS to councils in 2013.

FCTC Article 5.3 toolkit

Local authorities have a duty to protect their public health policies from the vested and commercial interests of the tobacco industry. This toolkit explains why we treat the tobacco industry differently and what steps local authorities should be taking to do so.

Local public opinion 2019

These regional briefings provide a short digest of public opinion from recent YouGov surveys on key topics such as smoking in the home, support for new legislation and trust in the tobacco industry.


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