Smokefree NHS

The NHS has a pivotal role to play in creating a Smokefree 2030.

This has been recognised by the Government and the NHS, with a number of smokefree objectives being set for the health service in recent years through the Tobacco Control Plan for England and the NHS Long Term Plan.

The Smokefree Action Coalition provides a range of support to see these objectives met.

Briefings for Integrated Care Systems

Tailored briefings for Integrated Care Systems showing the impact of smoking, using data at ICS level. The briefings use the new NHS England Core20PLUS5 framework which has been developed to help the NHS prioritise it’s activity to address health inequalities.

NHS Smokefree Pledge

A Pledge for NHS organisations to demonstrate their commitmnt publically to a smokefree NHS, co-ordinated by the Smokefree Action Coalition and endorsed by NHS England, the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and others.

The logo of the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group

Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group

The Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group is a coalition of health and baby charities committed to reducing rates of smoking in pregnancy. The Group produces a range of resources to support NHS partners to see this ambition realised.

Mental Health & Smoking Partnership logo

Mental Health & Smoking Partnership

The Partnership was established in 2016 to redress the inequality in smoking rates and outcomes for people with mental health conditions, ensuring that none are left behind as we move towards a smokefree generation. The Partnership campaigns and produces a range of resources to support these goals.

ASH webinars on the NHS Long Term Plan

ASH is running a series of webinars to support the roll out of the tobacco dependency treatment commitments in the NHS Long Term Plan. These can be found by navigating to the NHS Long Term Plan tab on the ASH webinars page.

2017 Tobacco Control Plan for England

Towards a Smokefree Generation: A Tobacco Control Plan for England, was published in 2017 by the Department of Health (now the Department of Health and Social Care). It set out a number of commitments for the NHS to support the achievement of a smokefree generation and still guides activity in this area today.

The NHS Long Term Plan

Published in January 2019, the NHS Long Term Plan sets out NHS England's key ambitions for the next 10 years and makes a number of key commitments around smoking for the health service to implement including new support for smokers admitted to hospital and specific support for pregnancy and mental health pathways.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence [NG209] Guidance

In 2021, NICE collated previous guidance on smoking into a single piece of guidance. This includes guidance on supporting patients and staff to quit smoking, and on the implementation of smokefree NHS settings.

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