MHSP E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes and mental health

E-cigarettes are substantially less harmful to health than cigarettes. This page contains resources and information about the use of e-cigarettes among people with mental health conditions.

Use of electronic cigarettes by people with mental health problems: A guide for health professionals

This resource is intended to provide mental health professionals with a summary of the evidence on e-cigarettes as well as suggested responses to questions service users may ask.

Disclaimer: None of the Partnership’s resources have input from organisations with vested interests in the vaping or tobacco industries.

Mental Health & Smoking Partnership statement on e-cigarettes

In November 2017 the Partnership published a joint statement on e-cigarettes. You can read the statement here and the press release is here.

Additional resources

Response to inquiry on e-cigarettes

In December 2017 the Mental Health & Smoking Partnership submitted its response to the House of Commons Committee on Science and Technology Inquiry into e-cigarettes. You can read the submission here and learn more about the inquiry here.

Webinar – The use of e-cigarettes among people with a mental health condition (November 2017)

On 13 November 2017, the Mental Health & Smoking Partnership hosted a webinar on the use of e-cigarettes among people with a mental health condition. The webinar featured presentations from Dr Debbie Robson who gave an overview of harm reduction and the evidence around e-cigarettes, then Louise Ross on harm reduction in the community, followed by Sam Churchward on harm reduction in inpatient settings.