Health visiting and relapse prevention

Health visiting and smokefree homes

This page contains resources and information to enable Health Visitors and other healthcare professionals to support pregnant women and parents to quit smoking and keep their home smokefree

Secondhand smoke postcards

The Challenge Group has developed 5 postcard resources highlighting the harms of secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure in the home and the benefits of quitting smoking or switching to an e-cigarette. They include messages targeted at women and families who have recently had a baby, are currently pregnant or are planning for another child.

The postcards are designed to be used directly with women and families and can also serve as training aids.

The download includes:

  • 5 postcards with information about the delivery of Very Brief Advice (VBA), the harms of SHS exposure and the impact of smoking during pregnancy
  • Print, standard and editable powerpoint versions
  • Generic versions linking to the NHS Smokefree website & editable versions which allow colleagues to add the number of their local stop smoking service

Challenge Group resource for health visitors

The Challenge Group ‘Smoking and your baby‘ leaflet is designed to support conversations with parents and families. It contains key facts and information about smoking in the home and the benefits of quitting. Physical copies are available to order on limited basis. To request physical copies please email:

Please note: These leaflets should be ordered by health visiting services to be used consistently across the service. If we get very small requests we may need to follow this up with your service manager.

Webinar: Health visiting and relapse prevention (April 2019)

This Challenge Group webinar explores the role of health visiting in supporting women to stay smokefree following birth and protecting future pregnancies through relapse prevention.