Challenge Group reports

The Challenge Group has produced several reports reviewing the progress
made in reducing smoking in pregnancy in England. These reports provide a useful overview
of the policy landscape at the time of publication and make recommendations to
reduce rates of smoking in pregnancy

Review of the Challenge (2018)
This Challenge Group report includes a new analysis estimating the positive impact of achieving the Government’s target to reduce smoking in pregnancy to 6% or less by 2022 and outlines recommendations for the next steps. The Lullaby Trust have produced a report detailing the methods behind the statistics in the report. Download here (pdf).

Smokefree Skills: an assessment of maternity workforce training (2017)
This report, published by ASH and the Challenge Group, provides an analysis of the training that midwives and obstetricians receive to address smoking in pregnant women, and what further training is needed. You can read the full report here and the executive summary of the report here.

Smoking in pregnancy Mapping Project Report (2016) 
This report was commissioned by Public Health England and the analysis was conducted by the Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre. Case studies of services available for pregnant smokers and their families can be viewed here.

Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy: A review of the Challenge (2015)
This Challenge Group report which was published following the conclusion of the 2015 tobacco control plan for England and reviews the Group’s original recommendations and defines a new mandate for the next five years.

Smoking Cessation in pregnancy: A call to action (2013)
The first Challenge Group report outlines a range of recommendations for reducing the prevalence of smoking during pregnancy.